Reshaping the management of animal and plant disease

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Shouldn’t policymakers be looking at the fundamentals in animal and plant disease, learning lessons and exchanging information across both of these fields and involving stakeholders at every stage?

That has always been the Relu approach and you can read about some of the outcomes in “Growing Concerns: animal and plant disease policy for the 21st century” which takes a fresh look at the problem in the light of research from across the programme.


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  1. 09 November 11, 5:52am

    Great management techniques to deal with the plant and animal disease. If these living creatures prevented from the diseases then subsequently it will be benefiting humans only. So, some more effective steps must be taken to deal with this problem in a much better manner. Management itself is a big term and it really needs some perfect strategies for implementation whether it is disease management or water management or any other kind.

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