Conference 2011


Lost in Translation: Living with uncertainty in animal disease management


Wednesday 21st September 2011
Royal College Of Surgeons Of England, Lincoln’s Inn Fields, London

Our September Conference showcased our research findings and recommendations to a wide international audience across policy and practice. In addition, we welcomed keynote contributions from Martyn Jeggo (Australian Animal Health Laboratory), Katinka de Balogh (Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations) and Andrew Stirling (University of Sussex) who gave valuable multidimensional and international input across our programme for the day.

Members of the Lost in Translation project team and our keynote speakers have featured in a specially developed conference brochure to support our event produced for us by Research Media Ltd.

SESSION I: Developing new ways of exploring and managing uncertainty  Chairperson: Gordon Nichols, Health Protection Agency

Louise Heathwaite, Centre for Sustainable Water Management (CSWM), Lancaster University
Lost in Translation – Project Introduction and Overview

Martyn Jeggo, Australian Animal Health Laboratory, CSIRO Livestock Industries
The One Health concept in reality. An example of how it can deliver!

Sophia Latham,  National Centre for Zoonosis Research, University of Liverpool
Uncertainty in animal disease management: developing a conceptual model

Andrew Stirling, Science and Technology Policy Research (SPRU) and the STEPS Centre, University of Sussex
From risk assessment to knowledge mapping: general reflections on living with uncertainty


SESSION II: Towards policy guidance for managing uncertainty Chairperson: Roger Pickup, School of Health and Medicine, Lancaster University

Zoe Austin, Lancaster Environment Centre, Lancaster University
Exploring uncertainty and technology in animal disease management

Katinka de Balogh & Morgane Dominguez, Animal Health Service, FAO, Rome
Communicating knowledge about animal disease management between the global and the local levels: reflections from an international perspective

Brian Wynne, Department of Sociology, Lancaster University
What should policy guidance for managing uncertainty across animal disease management look like?

Jonathan Wastling, School of Veterinary Science, University of Liverpool
Meeting synthesis and priorities for the future